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Bhushan Luitel

Sr. Skill Supervisor - ING Skill Academy

My time at Itahari International College is the key to my success. The huge exposures I received at IIC helped me sharpen my skills, which further propelled me forward when I joined ING Skill Academy as a ‘Skill Executive’ right after graduating.

Itahari International College has been very crucial in my growth as an entrepreneur and a working professional due to the countless opportunities available here and the feeling of community amongst the students and faculty.

Samir Phuyal

Founder of Karobar, Nepali Digital Khata - ICT Award / NYEF Startup Award Winner 2022

Maniraj Rai

Franchisee - NewMew

The teaching method at IIC made me a better learner, student and professional. As a BBA student, I gained a lot of different skills and knowledge through the various activities and events which we were able to be a part of and in turn helped me with my career.

As an alumni, I believe that IIC grooms individuals with its astounding facilities, top-notch curriculum and exposure. Additionally, I was even given opportunities after graduation and am now a part of the ING family.

Ronal Niraula

Research and Development - ING Consulting

Nitisha Bhattarai

Software Engineer - Asterdio Inc

Applying for an IT degree at Itahari International College turned out to be a boon for me as my experience helped me stand out, and was able to reach new heights in my career.

IIC has been providing top-quality education at Itahari for aspiring students like me. IIC allowed me to gain tons of experience with creative and practical aspects including in the curriculum. IIC helped me make my dreams turn into reality.

Sharad Prabhat Karn

CEO & Founder - Repo Corp

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